TRG - The Restoration Group specializes in both planned and unplanned structural repairs and restoration to multi-family home buildings in the Chicago suburbs.


Planned Repairs and Restoration

As structures age, they can deteriorate. As that happens, planned repairs and restoration keep the properties safe and viable. Planned repairs and restoration also help maintain and even improve the value of multi-family homes.

Planning structural work in a multi-family development is usually the responsibility of condominium association boards working with property managers rather than individual home owners. TRG – The Restoration Group has often proven to be the efficient and economical choice for such work because of its all-encompassing services and experience working sensitively in spaces occupied by residents.

Typical planned repairs and restoration needs of aging multi-family buildings include:

What can TRG Do to Solve These Problems?

TRG’s experienced project managers and field crew carefully preplan every aspect of the project and collaborate with client property managers. TRG addresses all detail from scheduling, hours of operation, safety, traffic, noise and dust control.

Then TRG’s experienced crews go to work to solve problems and restore multi-family home residences. Structural repairs and renovations can include:

Unplanned Repairs and Restoration

When the unthinkable happens such as a fire, flood, or water damage from a weather-caused event such as ice damming, one does not want to be fumbling through the phone book or searching the internet for someone to help. For peace of mind, a responsible property manager wants to know who to call and what to expect, both immediately and in the long-term.

During the past eight years, TRG has provided this 24-hour emergency service time and again to many multi-family home developments throughout the Chicago suburbs. So many properties rely on TRG because it is the only company they need to call.TRG services start with 24-hour emergency service and continue through damage assessment, temporary board ups, rebuilding and work right through to the finishing touches. In addition, the experienced restoration team works with the insurance adjusters for both the condominium associations and their individual residents to handle all aspects of the loss.

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Planned Repairs and Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration

Ice Damming


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