Structural Repairs

Structural Safety

Sometimes accidents happen. When they do, TRG Construction/The Restoration Group will work with you to return the structure to its original state. We’ll be there for the entire process from demo and design, through complete construction. Whether you have damage to a roof, wall, or siding, TRG Construction/The Restoration Group has trained professionals to guide you through the renovation.

Structural Repair


TRG Construction brings confidence and peace of mind to your project by having a staff of highly skilled and well-trained personnel. Whether it is a planned project, or in response to an emergency, TRG is able to complete all phases of a structural repair, restoration or remodel project with the quality and care that our customers demand. We are trained to use helical piers when the project would be best suited to provide stability to the foundation and building.  Ask the experts…TRG Construction.

TRG Works Directly with Property Managers/ Associations/Homeowners/Business Owners 

While working directly with the property managers / associations, or owners our professional partners with TRG can complete even the most complex structural repairs addressing all types of structural failure concerns.

Providing Unique Solutions to Unique Structural Failures

All structural failures are unique, and require a unique solution and method of repair. Whether the structural issues are caused from water infiltration, material failure, design flaws, or simple aging of the structure, TRG can safely repair or replace the affected building components or materials, restoring the structure back to its original sound and secure state.

Why Should You Choose TRG’s Structural Repair Services?

Using advanced technology and TRG’s certified technicians allows homeowners & tenants to:

  • Occupy their space sooner
  • Significantly reduce displacement time
  • Save $$ by avoiding costly reconstruction projects
  • Trust that certified technician’s test, analyze, & maintain healthy standards throughout the repair process
  • Avoid headaches associated with lengthy demolition and reconstruction projects

The time to plan for a disaster is BEFORE you are in trouble, Program TRG’s 24-hour emergency # into your cell phone now! 630-231-5700

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