Balcony and Porch Repair


Sometimes the deterioration of a deck or balcony is due to the structure itself. TRG Construction/The Restoration Group repairs wood columns, installs footings, replaces deteriorated components, and restores the original safety and beauty of the space.


If your balconies hold water, they will begin to chip, buckle, and deteriorate. TRG Construction/The Restoration Group can remove damaged concrete, level the surface, and install waterproof coating. This process protects your balcony and enhances the beauty of your property.

TRG’s experienced crews provide:

  • Complete removal and replacement
  • Selective demo and repairs
  • Column replacement
  • Hand rail repair or replacement
  • Stair system repair or replacement
  • Sagging and Settlement corrections

The time to plan for a disaster is BEFORE a balcony becomes unsafe. Program TRG’s 24-hour emergency # into your cell phone now! 630-231-5700


Top 3 Structural Safety Concerns… and How The Restoration Group Can Help

#1 Structural Settlement

Is the balcony level? Is the deck or balcony securely fastened to the building? Are the column footings stable?

If not your balcony is in need of structural repair

#2 Wood Deterioration

Are the wood substrates on your deck or balcony beginning to rot or decay?

If so, this may lead to settling and structural instability. If your columns are deteriorating it’s time to consider a replacement. Maybe it is even time to investigate newer, stronger composite materials.

ASK TRG what materials would be right for your property.

#3 Aging and Decay

Do you notice cupping or warping wood, loose decking components, or failing fasteners? Are the railings or stairs unstable?

Wear and tear on your decks and balconies can pose a safety hazard over time.

Update your properties’ balconies with TRG.


Balcony Waterproofing

Balcony Waterproofing