The TRG Advantage

Effective problem solving is at the core of TRG’s great reputation in the multi-family home structural repair and restoration industry.

Repair and restoration problems do not always confine themselves to just one issue. For example, neither a roofer nor a siding contractor nor a drywall professional by themselves can solve the multiple structural and cosmetic problems caused by water damage from an ice dam.

The Restoration Group, your jack-of-all-trades group, possesses the diverse skills and experience to fix most anything involving structural repair and restoration.

And because the group brings a wide collection of skills to the table, TRG quickly gets to the core of a structural problem and fixes it. This problem-solving ability distinguishes TRG from others.

Before contracting with TRG, one multi-family property manager hired a handyman to fix leaking windows. He showed up with a ladder, caulk gun and a truck. The handyman returned two more times when the leaks reappeared, charging by the hour each time. Frustrated, the property manager finally called TRG. The TRG crew approached the issue with its usual ethic -- if a building is put together right, you should not need caulk or Duct Tape to keep water out of it. TRG went in, tore the wall open, found and fixed the problem the right way. No more leaking windows.

TRG has a reputation for doing structural repair and restoration right and doing it right every time. No Band-aids. No false starts. And that saves customers money.

“Most people use us because of the value,” says TRG owner Dan Wells. “We are not the cheapest, but we are the best value.”

Another significant part of the TRG advantage is Wells himself. He is known in the structural repair and restoration business for his integrity and honesty along with his expertise, experience and quality work. Wells develops trust with people.

“A lot of people use us once they get to know us and see our work and know what we do,” Wells says. “Plus, our customers know we are going to be here for years to come.”

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TRG's experienced crews provide:


TRG's experienced crews provide:


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