Full Service Management

 TRG Construction will respect your home the minute we enter with booties on!  We manage the project from beginning to end and maintain the schedule along with your input and communication.  One contact person is how we operate regarding day to day progress and operations.  Communication is our priority.  TRG Construction provides the labor, materials and equipment to complete a top notch finished project. When required for the scope of work TRG will outsource to licensed and insured sub contractors.


How TRG Works with you!

  • Applying for building permits
  • Securing the property
  • Providing temporary utilities on the site
  • Managing personnel on the site
  • Providing site surveying and engineering
  • Disposing or recycling of construction waste
  • Monitoring schedules and cash flows
  • Maintaining accurate records

Reimage your home by changing colors both interior and exterior

Updating to get rid of the old trend or just want a change?   TRG staff will work closely on the design when needed or give advice when asked.  It will be your call on our level of design advice. 

Why Should You Choose TRG’s Residential Carpentry Services?

  • Occupy your home sooner
  • Significantly reduce if any displacement time
  • Save $$ by avoiding costly change orders
  • Avoid headaches associated with lengthy timelines and meet budget
  • Safe and clean construction sites  
  • Friendly and confident staff

 Program TRG Construction # into your cell phone now! 630-231-5700

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